The Unloader Moment

The instant reaction and amazement when a person suffering from knee pain is fitted with an Unloader One knee brace for the first time.

Dr Sheila Strover met with Össur at an educational meeting and after a number of discussions about the benefits of the Unloader One challenged Össur to demonstrate the knee brace in action.

The Unloader Moment: The instant reaction and amazement when a person suffering from knee pain is fitted with an Unloader One knee brace for the first time.

In May 2014 filming took place under the supervision of an independent clinician as well as being witnessed by Dr Sheila Strover from KNEEguru, a website dedicated to offering learning resources pertaining to the knee joint.

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Our most recent Unloader Moment 2017 video.

In a similar format to the original videos and featuring Lisa Williams BSc Physiotherapist to maintain consistency, a number of patients suffering from OA of the knee were fitted with an Unloader One for the very first time. Introduced by Sharron Davies, Össur ambassador and herself an Unloader One user, the video highlights the emotional fitting of the brace to the patients and captures their initial reaction and pain relief.

Using a brace to offload the knee and relieve pain is recommended by NICE, OARSI and Arthritis Research in the treatment of OA of the knee. It is recommended that non-invasive treatments are considered in the first instance to avoid the potential side effects from medication or the need for surgery.

Meet Mike and share his Unloader Moment

Mike is a Warehouse Supervisor who was a keen walker and DIY enthusiast prior to the onset of knee pain which reduced his overall mobility. After 6 years of using painkillers to help manage the condition Mike was looking for a different way of managing pain and ultimately improving his mobility. Find out more about Mike and his Unloader Moment.

Meet Zanthe and share her Unloader Moment

Cabin crew member and competitive horse rider Zanthe suffers from pain on the inside of her knee. This affects her working life as she needs to be at full fitness to carry out her duties. See how Zanthe responds to being fitted with an Unloader for the first time and the increased confidence she has in her knee.

All the interviews and the new-patient fittings were conducted by Lisa Williams BSc of Cardiff UK. Lisa has her own physiotherapy clinic in Cardiff.

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