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Clinically proven treatment option for OA

The Unloader One is a lightweight, easy to use, non-surgical treatment option for the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. Unlike many other knee-pain treatment options, this innovative knee brace has been clinically proven to demonstrate the following benefits:

Decreased knee pain – for a more active life



Reduced reliance on pain medication – with no unwanted side effects



Improved knee function – helping to avoid or postpone surgery



Improve your quality of life

Unloader One knee brace

All of this adds up to a better quality of life. With your mobility restored, you can do the things you want to without the limitations of a constantly painful knee. And with increased mobility it becomes easier to avoid the weight gain that often exacerbates the symptoms of OA even further. 

Lightweight brace that is easy to use

The Unloader One can prevent this downward spiral, getting you back into the activities you enjoy and able to keep up with family and friends. Lightweight and easy to use and wear, it fits comfortably under your clothing.

Clinically proven

Recent clinical research on the effectiveness of the Unloader One demonstrated that it decreases pain, improves function and reduces the usage of pain medication.


How it works

'Unloading' the damaged area of the knee

The 'bone-on-bone' loading in an untreated knee

Unloading a damaged knee affected by osteoarthritis