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Monitor Arm Sling

Monitor Arm Sling


The Monitor Arm Sling is a arm sling with an unique design which allows careful positioning of the upper limb following burns, trauma or surgery.

Indications for Use

  • Pre or post surgery where the forearm needs to be held in an elevated position
  • Forearm / hand oedema
  • Burns

Features and Benefits

  • Permits convenient observation of the limb and hand without the need to unfasten the sling
  • Distal plastic loop holds mesh open, eliminating contact and pressure on the limb
  • Converts to a high arm sling for ambulation
  • Opening provided at elbow for skeletal traction pin

Required Measurements

  • Axilla to medial epicondyle

Order Information

Monitor Arm Sling
SizeAxilla to Medial Epicondyal (mm)Item No.
Small 180 - 230 0873
Medium 230 - 280 0875
Large 280 - 330 0877