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ReSolve® Halo

ReSolve® Halo

  • The industry’s only MR-Conditional halo system (Tested safe at 3-Tesla)
  • The only halo proven to minimize the risk of dangerous scalp burns resulting from halo pin heating phenomena
  • Glass composite ring and ceramic-tipped pins are non-conductive and induce no dangerous current flow
  • MR images are clear and artifact-free

More Spinal Traction

Why are the number of threaded holes so important?

A. Studies have shown that 13 - 28% of halo patients develop pin site infections. Bone remodeling is also possible. Either of these conditions may make it necessary to relocate the affected pin site. Ossur halos provide the most threaded holes, i.e., more options initially, and when pin relocation is necessary.

What is a Low Profile Superstructure, and why is it different?

A. Low Profile means that the uprights usually do not extend above the ring. Also, they are angled slightly so they don't project straight up from the vest. This means that ambulatory patients will be less likely to get "hung up" on door frames, car doors, etc. All Ossur halos utilize Low Profile Superstructures.

Order Information

ReSolve Halo with ceramic pins
Closed Back+ Open Back** Size Head circumference*

Kit includes a glass-composite halo ring, ceramic pins, torque wrench, allen wrench and traction hoop.
The ReSolve® Halo Vest must be ordered separately
*Measure the circumference of the head at the widest point in the coronal plane.
**Pin length 3" (7.6cm)     +Pin length 2.25" (5.7cm)

515300C 515300D Small 43 - 51cm (17-20")
515400C 515400D Medium 51 - 59 cm (20-23")
515500C 515500D Large 59 - 66 cm (23-26")

ReSolve Halo Vest with superstructure and headblocks
Kodel (polyester fibre) Lambswool Size Chest circumference**
**Measure the circumference of the chest at the xiphoid process.
545700K 545700L Short 60 - 121cm
545800K 545800L Tall 66 - 167cm

Sterile Ceramic Pins
Part# Length U/M
516CS 2 1/4" (5.72cm) 1 each
516DS 3" (7.62 cm)  1 each
517CS 2 1/4" (5.72cm),  4 each
517DS 3" (7.62 cm) 4 each

Replacement liners
Kodel (polyester fibre) Lambswool Size
545700K 545700L Short
545800K 545800L Tall

Other accessories
Description Item No.
Application Tray 538
Head Positioner 580
Universal Halo Adapter 581
For Pins
Adjustable Torque Wrench (2 - 10 in-lb) 575S
For Vests
T-Handle 3/16" Allen Wrench 572C
Adjustable Vest Torque Wrench 576C

To which level does the Halo vest support?
Occiput to T2

How many sizes does the vest come in?
The ReSolve vest has two sizes – Short and Tall.

  • Short  –  Chest circumference at Xyphoid  24"-48" ( 60-127cm )
  • Tall  –  Chest circumference at Xyphoid  27"-54" ( 66-137cm )


ResSolve Halo Vest Length and Adjustments
Anterior Vest Height Adjustment Length of Anterior Vest*
*Mid-line from the superior to inferior edge
Bottom Hole (#1) 7.68" (19.5cm)
Middle Hole (#2) 8.46" (21.5 cm) 
Top Hole (#3) 9.13" (23cm)