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Rebound® ACL

Rebound® ACL


The Rebound ACL brace is the next generation of ACL bracing. It is designed to apply a physiologically correct, dynamic force, optimum for functional rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptures, whether during non-surgical treatment or following surgical reconstruction. The dynamic load of the Rebound ACL on the femur is generated by applying an anterior directed dynamic force on the thigh area, and opposing counter forces on the anterior aspect of the tibia.

Indications for use

  • Non-surgical treatment of ACL ruptures
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation for:
    • Partial ACL tears
    • ACL reconstruction / augmentation
    • ACL revision

Features and benefits

  • Dynamic Tension System (DTS) is designed to increase the load on the femur as the knee goes from flexion into extension providing an anterior drawer force necessary to decrease load on the ACL to allow it to heal
  • The Rebound ACL allows for specific load adaptation according to the patient’s individual anatomy and rehabilitation related requirements
  • Lightweight brace with proprietary Sensil® silicone calf liner and doeskin thigh liner reduce migration while providing comfort to the patient
  • Custom moulded posterior frame for optimized fit and support, with open anterior for ease of donning/doffing
  • Available in 12 colours

Order Information

Rebound ACL
Part# Description
Rebound ACL Right B-124501156
Rebound ACL Left B-124501157
B-705130042 Extension Stop Kit
B-705130043 Flexion Stop Kit
B-705130044 Shear Knob Kit
B-705130045 Strap Kit
B-705130048 Condyle Pad Kit
B-705130049 Pre-tibial Hexpad
B-705130047 Tibial Pad

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Rebound ACL- Pre Fabricated
*Circumference 6” (15cm) below mid-patella **Circumference 6” (15cm) above mid-patella
DescriptionRightLeftCaliper M/LCalf Circ. *Thigh Circ. **
Small B-124501188 B-124601188 8.9 - 10.2cm 29 - 34.5cm 42 - 45cm
Medium B-124501189 B-124601189 10.2 - 11.4cm 34.5 - 38cm 45 - 51cm
Large B-124501190 B-124601190 11.4 - 12.7cm 38 - 42cm 51 - 58.5cm