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BioSkin® Standard Knee Skin

BioSkin® Standard Knee Skin


The BioSkin® Standard Knee Support, with straps, has been designed to provide superior compression for pain reduction, swelling control and increased proprioception (joint positioning sense). For use with mild sprains and strains the standard knee support offers compression to the injured area to aid rehabilitation, whilst allowing the wearer to stay mobile.

Indications for use

  • Mild sprains and strains
  • Inflammation (joint swelling)
  • Meniscal tears

Features and benefits

  • Universal, left or right
  • Open patella
  • Available with or without straps
  • Available in two types of Bio Skin® material

Required measurements

  • Knee circumference at mid-patella

Purchase Online

You can now buy BioSkin® Standard Knee Skin directly from our webshop.