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AFO Dynamic

AFO Dynamic


AFO Dynamic incorporates Össur Flex-Foot® technology and the energy storing properties of carbon fibre. The result is a strong, lightweight solution for people with varying degrees of drop foot.

Features and benefits

  • Carbon fibre design provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio and dynamic motion
  • The tapered carbon heel stores energy and manages forces at heel strike
  • Full-length toe lever provides full support while foot is loaded
  • Controlled plantar flexion at initial contact
  • Reduces energy consumption by reducing hip hike
  • Medial strut makes it less visible in shoe
  • Open anterior tibia shell provides superior anatomical fit, and reduces heat and perspiration


  • Drop foot secondary to CVA, MS, Charcot Marie Tooth disease, other neurological conditions, or mild knee instability
  • Contra-indicated for severe ankle-foot deformities, severe spasticity, or fluctuation edema
  • Suggested weight range: up to 265 lbs (120kg)

Order Information

 Size  Calf Height (mm)  Shoe Size - Male  Shoe Size - Female  Left  Right
 X-Small  300 - 340  2.5 - 4.5  Up to 4  O-101021  O-102011
 Small  320 - 360  5 - 7  4.5 - 6.5  O-101022  O-102012
 Medium  340 - 380  7.5 - 10  7 - 9.5  O-101024  O-102014
 Large  360 - 400  10.5 - 13.5  N/A  O-101026  O-102016


 Description  Item No.
 Foam Liner, X-Small  O-105011
 Foam Liner, Small  O-105012
 Foam Liner, Medium  O-105014
 Foam Liner, Large  O-105016
 Velcro strap, Upper Universal  O-105130
 Velcro strap, Lower Universal  O-105132
 Velcro Coins  O-105350
 XS Accessory Pack  O-102101
 S Accessory Pack  O-102102
 M Accessory Pack  O-102104
 L Accessory Pack  O-102106