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Knee Bracing rather than Painkillers: The Case of Ant McPartlin

As demonstrated in Ant McPartlin’s interview in The Sun on Sunday , a reliance on pain medication to mitigate knee pain following surgery can prove very challenging. After damaging his knee in 2014 the UK TV star and ‘national treasure’ went on to have unsuccessful knee surgery and subsequently became addicted to painkillers. We were pleased to read that Ant has since undergone further revision surgery and is now well on the road to recovery. In this article, Ant is shown wearing his Unloader One knee brace.

The Unloader One has been proven to reduce the need for pain medication in patients with chronic knee pain and is available on the NHS. Using the product can empower people like Ant to manage their pain biomechanically, which has no side effects, rather than through the use of pharmaceuticals, which can have negative side effects.