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Inspirational Stories from the Life Without Cancer Team

Whilst everyone taking the part in ‘Life without Cancer’ has a shared goal in raising money for The Christie they each have their own story, something which has inspired them to sign up and something which will drive them forward throughout their 48 hour challenge.

Why Stewart is riding

I am riding not just for 1 person but a family and a community who have been affected by Cancer.I had the pleasure of meeting “our neighbour” when we moved from Scotland to Cheshire in early 2014. We moved to an area where we didn’t know anyone or where anything was but “our neighbour” made sure we settled in and made us feel very welcome – we felt extremely lucky to have moved to a house with neighbours like these.As we settled in and began to build a friendship with the family we were hit with the news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer – we watched as the family went through this with such courage and grace, it really was a lesson on how a family should love and support each other through tough times but also in life. She was the warmest most welcoming person anyone would have the pleasure of meeting. She was taken from us in December 2016 and has left a family whose strength and ability to deal with such heartache really is a testament to them all.

To take part in this challenge is a small price to pay for the pain and suffering caused by Cancer.

Please donate

Why Bev is riding

I want to do this because my partner died of cancer 26 years ago leaving an 11 year old daughter. Had he got it ten years later he would have survived because of the ongoing research and technology.I clearly remember this awful illness attacking an otherwise healthy body into a frail shell. The physical and mental pain he had to endure will always stay with me. I hope your donation will stop this from happening in the future.

Thank you,

Why Pete is riding

Firstly, I would like to show support and solidarity to my colleagues who are currently experiencing cancer first hand and second hand. All of these people I hold in very high regard and sometimes I do not know the right words to use. I feel that in these circumstances actions can speak louder than words.Secondly when I first joined Ossur my Mum and my Step Mum were both battling with breast cancer. It was a very tough few years for the whole family. I feel very fortunate and thankful to say that both have made full recoveries but since then I have wanted to do a serious challenge to raise for a cancer charity.

So bring it on!

If you would like to support Össur as we strive to hit our £2,000 then please visit our JustGiving page and give generously so we can help The Christie continue to make a real difference.