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Stockport to Reykjavik Halfway Point

The Össur UK team began their journey to Iceland on Monday this week with Managing Director Emlyn Lewis and Clinical Specialist Richard Hirons both cycling 60km to get us on our way. In support of Arthritis Research UK's National Arthritis Week the team are cycling the 1368km distance between the UK office and Össur HQ in Reykjavik. As much as we would have liked to cycle through the north of England, Scotland and the Atlantic Ocean it was decided static bikes were the better option.

So far the riding has been good and early on Wednesday afternoon the distance covered stood at 822km, with over half the distance covered with half the week remaining. Donations have been coming in from the friends and family of Össur and the amount raised passed £500 on Wednesday. This is a great effort and donations are still welcome at

All the hard work is to raise awareness and money for National Arthritis Week. This year the focus is on pain and the different ways of combating the symptoms of arthritis. Please visit Arthritis Research UK for more information.

Stockport to Reykjavik