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World Arthritis Day 2014

Following World Arthritis Day on October 12th ARUK will be hosting National Arthritis Week. This year's theme is Pain and will be accompanied by a pain survey, looking to get first-hand information on the levels of pain people have to live with. We will all know someone affected by arthritis. Please share the Pain survey and help ARUK gather has much information as possible. To raise awareness and funds for the charity there will be numerous events held all over the country. There is an overview of events listed on the ARUK site. One of the standout events last year was 970 mile cycle from Dover to Cape Wrath raising £1,300!

At the Össur UK office we will be embarking on our own challenge in an effort to support the cause. Two static bikes have been set up in the office and the Össur UK staff will cycle the distance from our UK office to head office in Reykjavik. We are hoping to raise money for Arthritis Research UK and all donations are welcome at

Treatment options

There are numerous treatment options for arthritis which vary depending on the severity of the OA and the health of the patient. Lifestyle changes will more than likely be recommended in an attempt for the patient to become more active and to help lose weight. Medication can help with the pain and inflammation associated with OA and your doctor will be able to advise on this.

The use of assistive devices is often prescribed. Depending on which joint is affected this could be a shoe insole, brace or support of some nature. There is a growing body of research which supports non-surgical interventions for OA. To further progress the understanding of OA and how it can treated two Arthritis Research UK Experimental Osteoarthritis Treatment Centres have been set up with investment from Össur. Based at the University of Leeds and Oxford University, they will bring together experts to develop and test novel approaches to treating the disease.

In those with the most pain and with the greatest limits to their activity, surgery may be required. This may be a total or partial knee replacement. Another type of surgery is called Osteotomy, this is where a portion of the bone is cut to realign the knee and take the weight away from the arthritic part of the knee.

For more information on Osteoarthritis please visit Össur's OA Solutions.