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Meet Zanthe and share her Unloader Moment

Cabin crew member and competitive horse rider Zanthe suffers from pain on the inside of her knee. This affects her working life as she needs to be at full fitness to carry out her duties. See how Zanthe responds to being fitted with an Unloader for the first time and the increased confidence she has in her knee.

Zanthe is one of eight participants in a study into the ‘Unloader Moment’ carried out by Dr Sheila Strover. Dr Strover had been told about the moment a patient first wears the Unloader One and that their face lights up with amazement due to the pain reduction. She was interested to see this for herself and challenged Össur to demonstrate the knee brace in action. A series of eight videos have been published on which show the participants experiencing their own ‘Unloader Moment’ with the brace.

We invite you to share in the ‘Unloader Moment’ on Facebook and twitter using #unloadermoment to share your story and view others.