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Blue is You. From Comfort to Compliance with Spinal Solutions

Over the years there has been a continuous development in management of acute traumatic spinal injuries. With evidence-driven medicine as our foundation and a strong desire for a practical impact on patient outcomes, Össur strives to make a difference with our range of comfortable and compliant spinal solutions.

Össur works with customers to find the best solutions possible to treat spinal injuries from cervical to sacrum level. Finding solutions for everyday challenges and improving patient outcomes, the "blue is you" principle makes life easier for customers and providers alike, with the intuitive blue patient touchpoints enabling patients to return home with confidence.

Some good examples of management of acute traumatic spinal injuries include the introduction of primary trauma injury prevention education, vehicle safety devices, such as airbags and passive restraint systems. In addition, concomitant improvement in the pre-hospital nonsurgical care and particular focus on care delivered in, emergency room, and intensive care unit settings helped with reduction of morbidity and mortality associated with spinal injuries.

Guidelines and protocols for in hospital care for these patients have also evolved throughout past couple decades, thus definitive treatment facility have clear management steps, including initial neurological assessment, radiographic assessment, cervical collar clearance protocols, and closed reduction of cervical fracture/dislocation injuries as well as classification system for thoracolumbar spine injuries, designed to assist in clinical management. When determining a treatment plan after spinal trauma, the clinicians must first define spinal stability to determine the risk of neurologic compromise. For some stable vertebral fractures, nonoperative treatment may be a reasonable alternative to surgery, achieving comparable long-term results as the use of spinal orthotics.

The primary goal of a spinal orthotic is to increase spinal stability in all anatomical planes to support immobilization. Secondary goals include limiting progression of deformity and providing stability for healing. Össur understands these objectives in nonoperative treatment and has been instrumental in working with clinicians to design products that improve compliance and comfort when it comes to the use of spinal orthotics. Össur is Global Leader in Non-Invasive Orthopaedics driven by designing top tier products and gaining brand recognition based on quality and high reliability. Moreover, Össur always been committed to work closely with hospitals and established strong links with major trauma units around the globe. This enabled us to not only being able to offer state of art product range but also educational resources to help with current growing demand in National Health Services for improved outcomes with limited funds.

If you would like to learn more about our product portfolio of spinal solutions check this overview or for educational resources check out our webinars on Miami TLSO or Resolve Halo.