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Life with a twist – closing the gap

Our mission to improve people’s mobility challenges us to close the gap between the use of an artificial limb and the use of a natural, healthy limb. In many cases the product development process starts with examining natural behavior and linking that to new or future available technology, in order to come up with easy-to-use solutions. For upper limb amputees using a prosthesis wrist rotation has always been a challenge because there was simply no technological solution. Until now.

The new i-Limb Wrist is the first-ever wrist rotator capable of performing Simultaneous Rotation upon grip selection. It was designed to create a simpler, more reliable and intuitive process by streamlining the multiple, time-consuming steps users traditionally had to take.

With two digital electrodes and an embedded encoder capable of detecting specific muscle actions within the user’s residual limb, i-Limb Wrist has been designed to perform complete rotation quickly, naturally and efficiently.

The i-Limb Wrist is compatible with all Össur i-Limb myoelectric prosthetic hands. With the ability to choose from three methods of control (Smart, High/Low and Co-Contraction), the user of any i-Limb hand will feel confident when performing a wide-variety of daily activities.

When used with Össur’s flagship i-Limb Quantum, i-Limb Wrist performs Simultaneous Rotation, automatically rotating the wrist to the optimal position for the grip selected by the user. 80% of users who participated in clinical testing considered Simultaneous Rotation to be beneficial.

The i-Limb Wrist is programmed through Össur’s proprietary Biosim app, which is used to identify and calibrate a user’s minute muscular movements during their i-Limb fitting process, and to set speed controls. Outside of their clinician’s office, users also can deploy the My i-Limb app via their iOS smartphone anytime they wish to access quick grips. Check this animation video for more information.