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Team Össur

How it all began

Team Össur was built on the roots of Team Flex-Foot, which was originally established in the early 1990‘s as a way to support and motivate aspiring athletes. Össur acquired Flex-Foot, Inc. in the year 2000, and from there continued to build on the foundation of the original Team.

Original Team Össur members included legends Marlon Shirley, who was the first below-knee amputee to break the 11-second barrier in the 100m, and Sarah Reinertsen and Rudy Garcia-Tolson both accomplished Paralympians who continue to inspire the next generation of athletes.

Over the years, the Team has consisted of elite international athletes, all of whom choose to use Össur products both for their daily pursuits and their quest for the podium.

The product feedback provided by the athletes gives the Össur R&D experts valuable input for further product development, both for sporting prosthetics, but not least for daily prosthetics. These athletes push our products to the limit and demonstrate that Össur products withstand a high degree of activity. This increases overall confidence in our product function and quality.

Team Össur today

Interest in Paralympic sport has undoubtedly increased over the last years as Paralympic athletes continue to push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible.

Team Össur currently consists of over 20 athletes from all over the world, competing in track and field events, swimming, triathlon, cycling, fencing and table tennis. These inspirational individuals and role models are committed to Össur and we are just as proud of our partnership with them, and look forward to supporting them in the many exciting adventures that await them.

Today we have three British athletes on Team Össur: track cyclist Jody Cundy, sprinter and marathoner Richard Whitehead, and long jumper Stefanie Reid.

Richard took home silver last week in the 200 meter sprint during the World Championships in Dubai, quite an achievement for the legend who aims to compete once again next year in Tokyo.