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Featured In The Daily Mail!

Unloader One Knee Brace | Daily Mail | Össur UK

This Sunday (30/09/2018) the Unloader One knee brace was featured in the popular news outlet, Mail on Sunday. The article discusses alternative treatment options to a total knee replacement as the current NHS 18 week treatment target will no longer be able to be met. Along with PRP injections, acupuncture and soft tissue manipulation the Unloader was listed as one of the ‘numerous medically proven alternative treatments that will end discomfort and immobility, and could even spare some patients from a joint replacement.’

The feature has described the Unloader One as an ‘Offloading knee brace [that is] a fabric and lightweight plastic strap that exerts a gentle sideways pull to realign the joint, helping to restore movement and relive pain.’

Mentioning how the brace works, the Mail on Sunday writes ‘In 2017, a joint study by Swansea and Cardiff universities found that 40 per cent of patients awaiting a total knee replacement felt they did not need the procedure after wearing an offloading leg brace for two years.’

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