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The most adaptable solution of its kind

This is a knee so smart, it adapts automatically to individual walking styles and different environments, continuously learning and improving its response over time.

  • Fast enough to help prevent a fall.
  • Smart enough to tackle slopes and stairs.
  • Adaptable enough to respond to all life’s little hurdles.

"I'm thoroughly enjoying my retirement. I don't have that fear of falling with the RHEO. It adapts to me – I don't have to adapt to it."

Dave Leeka's story (on video).

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Proven results

A new study published in Germanyref. 1 explores the advantages of microprocessor knees and provides scientific evidence that highlights significant benefits for RHEO KNEE users. These include easier walking on stairs and slopes, fewer problems with adapting to different speeds and uneven surfaces, and a reduction in both the fear of falling and the need to concentrate when walking.

Reference 1): Greitemann, B., C. Niemeyer, K. Lechler, A. Ludviksdottir. Verbesserung der Teilhabe durch mikroprozessorgesteuertes Kniegelenk – erste Erfahrungen einer Kohortenstudie. Medizinisch Orthopädische Technik 1-2011, pp. 90-101.

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