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Unique post-surgical protection

The Hiptric from Össur offers an effective way to prevent hip dislocation. Comfortable and reliable, it uses gentle dynamic forces to ensure the joint remains in a safe position throughout the entire range of motion, even when sitting.

The Hiptric helps to avoid post-surgical complications and supports early mobilisation, potentially reducing the length of hospital stay/rehabilitation and the total period of convalescence

  • Secure control of the femoral head in the acetabulum
  • Dynamic function
  • Greater levels of compliance


  • For protection against hip dislocation (Prophylaxis)
  • For successful post-surgical outcomes (following primary hip joint replacements and complete or partial revision surgery)
  • Post-surgical use after hip arthroscopy
  • For the treatment of persistent non-specific hip pain and non-operable joint deformities


  • DYNAMIC FORCE - By applying a constant gentle force to the affected side, the femoral head is held centred in the acetabulum. Conventional orthoses hold the leg in abduction ridgidly, which results in an abnormal gait pattern and compliance issues.
  • SECURITY - The thigh strap promotes external rotation of the leg which encourages secure positioning of the hip. Flexion and extension range of motion can be easily controlled by adjusting the stops in the hip plate.
  • PROVEN - During clinical trials, patients and clinicians have agreed that the Hiptric provides a high level of security and effectiveness.


  • DYNAMIC ABDUCTION due to HINGE FREE DESIGN - In combination with the spring steel rod, the elimination of the hinge joint results in a dynamic abduction force being applied to the leg throughout the entire range of motion, even when sitting.
  • SLIDING JOINT - This innovative mechanism accurately follows the anatomical motion of the hip joint while maintaining the prescribed flexion/extension restrictions.
  • MODULAR SYSTEM - The Hiptric is available in three lengths with four sizes of soft goods to optimally fit a wide range of user profiles. No length adjustments are necessary and it can be modified for either left or right sided use.


  • COMFORT - The soft material parts are anatomically shaped and made of breathable Aerospacer material to keep the user cool and comfortable during use.
  • LOW PROFILE - Minimal plastic parts, ultra thin soft materials and the absence of a hip joint makes it possible to wear the Hiptric under clothing.
  • EASY APPLICATION - Simple fastening design with finger pockets makes user application and removal fast and easy. Clinicians can simply apply the Hiptric in a supine positon.

Hiptric Softgoods (including pelvic and thigh straps)

Size Waist Circ. (at iliac crests) Left Right
 Small  75 - 90cm  980102  980112
 Medium  90 - 105cm  980103  980113
 Large  105 - 125cm  980104  980114
 X-Large  125 - 140cm  980105  980115

Hiptric Frame

Size Leg length (Greater trochanter to mid-patella) Universal
 Small  37 - 41cm  980121
 Medium  41 - 44cm  980122
 Large  44 - 47cm  980123


Replacement liners (thigh pad and leg cuff)  980200
Replacementstops  980201

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